Education and childcare apprenticeships

An introduction to apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are often seen as something that is only available to school leavers or those not seeking full-time work.   There are many misconceptions around apprenticeships that unfortunately don’t show how effective an apprenticeship can actually be, to both the employer and an apprentice.  Read our apprenticeship myth buster and our latest blog on ‘What is an apprenticeship?‘ for more information.

As an independent training provider with a successful track record, we deliver the following apprenticeships:

Education and Childcare

Level 3 Early Years Educator
Level 3 Teaching Assistant
Level 5 Early Years Senior Practitioner

Health and Social Care

Level 5 Leader in Adult Care
Level 4 Lead Practitioner in Adult Care

Professional Services

Level 2 Accounts or Finance Assistant
Level 3 Assistant Accountant
Level 3 Business Administrator
Level 3 Event Assistant
Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor

Why should I have an apprentice?

As an employer there are many benefits to having an apprenticeship scheme:

  1. Upskill existing staff and save the costs of recruitment
  2. Motivate your staff – Apprenticeships help businesses to keep their safe motivated and committed to the future.
  3. Help tackle unemployment rates within the sector
  4. Grow talent within your workplace
  5. Provide your staff with the skills and knowledge to excel at their job role – The National Apprenticeship Service found:

    ‘86% of employers said apprenticeships helped them develop skills relevant to their organisation’.

  6. Future proof your business – Apprenticeships allow you to adapt the training according to your business needs and grow you own trusted and skilled staff.
  7. Recruiting new staff – we offer a free recruitment service and help you to look for potential candidates, all we ask is that they undertake the apprenticeship with us as your training provider.

Read more on our dedicated employer apprenticeship information page or contact the team on email – enquiries@protrain-solutions.co.uk – by phone 01252 712945.