Looking to hire an apprentice but not sure where to start?

We can help you find and start recruiting with our free apprenticeship recruitment service. With over ten years experience in recruiting apprentices for businesses across Surrey, London and the South East, our aim is to make the process of recruiting an apprentice so much easier for you.   To use this service, all we require is that you put the successful candidate through their apprenticeship with us.

We will place your adverts on the National Apprenticeship Service website, as well as other recruitment sites such as Indeed.  We advertise the vacancies through our local partners such as schools, colleges and the DWP, as well as on our social media channels.  Applicants apply through these sites, and we will screen them to criteria that you supply us with.  Our aim is to narrow down the field and only provide you with the best and most suitable candidates.  At this point your normal recruitment starts with an invitation to interview, interview and offers.

We will work with you and support you throughout the process, and you will be communicated with and informed at all stages. Find and start recruiting an apprentice that is right for your business today across London, Surrey and the South East.

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