What are Functional Skills?

Functional Skills are qualifications in English and maths that support further academic learning and career paths, they are equivalent to GCSEs.

What do Functional Skills consist of?

Functional Skills consist of a variety of English and maths modules. Within English, there are three components, Speaking, Listening and Communication, Reading and Writing. Maths includes one sole module, covering a range of topics.

Are there exams within Functional Skills?

Learners are required to complete two English exams, speaking & listening and reading & writing. Learners will also be required to complete two maths exams, calculator and non-calcular.

Are Functional Skills fully funded?

Yes! Our Functional Skills qualifications are fully funded through the Adult Education Budget. However, eligibility does apply.
Learners must: 

  • be aged 19 or over
  • have the right to live, work, and remain in the UK (settlement status).
  • not be enrolled onto another government course

What is the Adult Education Budget (AEB)?

AEB funds the delivery of education and training for learners aged 19 and over. It aims to engage adults in learning opportunities and provide the skills and knowledge needed to progress their career.

What is expected from a learner?

Learners must be committed to the programme. As the courses are short, if a learner misses one teaching session, deadline for homework or is uncommunicative without our prior knowledge the tutor is likely to withdraw the learner from the programme. We understand that things happen in life and work, but we must be informed in order to provide support.

Should the learner withdraw for no reason, miss sessions, require more than 2 chances at an exam the learner will be eligible for the cost, not the employer. This will be discussed with the individuals at enrolment stage to ensure they are aware of their commitments.

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Functional Skills as part of an apprenticeship: 

Did you know you can apply for an apprenticeship without having English or maths GCSEs? If you are successful in obtaining an apprenticeship position, we can include the English and maths qualifications as part of the apprenticeship standard.

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Our programmes are designed around the most current OFQUAL guidelines and in line with our Awarding Organisations curriculum.

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