Playday 2021

Today is ‘Playday’ the national day for play in the UK – it is an annual campaign encouraging thousands of children across the UK to get involved in their local community events. 

We often hear the term ‘Childs Play’ and use it to describe simple tasks but do we appreciate how important it is? Although Playday is traditionally an awareness day, the theme for this year is Summer of Play and recognises the challenges children and young people have faced over the past year.   

Summer of Play aims to allow everybody to enjoy time for play free of restrictions, with their friends, having fun.   

Why is play and making time for it so crucial?  

• Playing is essential for children’s mental health and wellbeing. 

• Playing helps children cope with stress and anxiety and fosters resilience, enabling children to better deal with challenges. 

• Playing gives children the opportunity to have fun, laugh, take time out, relax, and build friendships. 

• Playing outside allows children to appreciate nature, the environment, and feel part of their community. 

• Playing is fundamental to children’s happiness, and happy children lead to happier communities. 

The Early Years sector is the backbone of how children are cared for and having well-trained staff is critical to this. We offer apprenticeships and qualifications within the Education and Childcare Sector. These include: 

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