Skills support for the unemployed

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a direct impact on unemployment and redundancy rates over the past 18 months. At Professional Training Solutions, we offer a variety of Fully Funded Distance Learning courses to help you get where you need to be within your career.  

Our Fully Funded Distance Learning courses cover a variety of topics, in multiple sectors. With over 20 courses to choose from, expand your skillset, gain essential knowledge, and complete a Distance Learning Course today! 

How is the course funded?  

All Distance Learning courses are funded by the Adult Education Budget (AEB). However, eligibility does apply. To complete any Distance Learning Course, learners must: 

  • be aged 19 or over  
  • have the right to live, work, and remain in the UK (settlement status)
  • not be enrolled on another government course.  

There are many benefits to completing a Distance Learning course. Not only are you gaining valuable experience to improve your career prospects, but the online training is also an easy, effective, and affordable way to add to your skillset and build on your CV.  

Whilst we understand the past 18 months have been challenging for most, we hope our Distance Learning courses will provide individuals with the correct resources to improve their knowledge, rebuild confidence and point them in the direction of permanent employment. 

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