Professional Care Workers’ Week hosted by The Care Workers’ Charity.

Professional Training Solutions are supporting Professional Care Workers’ Week hosted by The Care Workers’ Charity. This week, the Charity aims to shine a light on the work happening in the social care sector and explore some of the issues individuals face when working in social care and the wider sector.

Over the next 5 days, The Care Worker’s Charity will be hosting a variety of virtual events, addressing important topics surrounding working in care. These topics include:

  • The value of investing in the workforce
  • Social Care Reform
  • How care providers can show support for LGBTQIA+ team members
  • Better Pay 4 Social Care
  • Addressing the gender divide in social care
  • Finding an identity for social care
  • Maintaining retention in the sector
  • Technological Revolution in Social Care
  • What care providers can do to support their BAME workforce?
  • Has social care bounced back from Covid-19?

If you wish to attend any one of these events, please visit The Care Workers’ Charity.

Why are Professional Training Solutions supporting?

We understand the challenges the care sector has faced since the beginning of the pandemic. Day to day, individuals working in care put themselves on the line to support and provide essential assistance to those in need.

Professional Training Solutions want to celebrate those working within the care sector, whilst highlighting the importance of training, retaining, and investing in the social care workforce. We believe investing in staff training enables for:

  • Increase in employee morale.
  • Increase in employee confidence and competence
  • Decrease in staff turnover
  • Staff career progression

To find out more on Health & Social Care training opportunities, contact us today.