Five reasons to learn as an adult!

In this blog, we will be discussing Helen Tupper’s reasons as to why adults should continue learning through the Lifetime Skills Guarantee.

Helen Tupper is the co-founder and CEO of Amazing If, an award-winning career development company with a mission to make work better for everyone. Helen highlights the importance of continuing education as an adult and the impacts it has on individuals.

Below we have listed Helens five reasons:

  1. Learning increases your resilience – we can’t control when and what changes in our work, but we can take control of how we respond and take advantage of opportunities that change creates.
  2. Learning helps to build new relationships – connecting with other people learning similar things can bring new, supportive people into your working life.
  3. Learning helps us to be happy – investing in your development makes you feel better about yourself and gives you a greater feeling of satisfaction at work.
  4. Adult learners have choice and control – how you learn is up to you! It’s nothing like being at school and millions of people will now be eligible to take advantage of free courses under the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee.
  5. Adult learning helps keep you young – our brains are adaptable, and learning improves your memory and how your brain processes information.

Hear more on what Helen has to say:

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