Professional Training Solutions are pleased to offer free* courses for jobs as part of the Governments Lifetime Skills Guarantee initiative.  

*Eligibility criteria applies.

What is the Lifetime Skills Guarantee?

COVID-19 has highlighted the skills gaps in our nation’s workforce, we need to ensure these gaps are filled to rebuild the economy post-pandemic.   The Lifetime Skills Guarantee is an essential part of this, and we are delighted to have free courses available under this initiative.

The Lifetime Skills Guarantee is part of the Government’s work to transform the adult education system so that businesses can find or develop talented people of all ages to fill skills gaps and help adults can get the skills they need throughout their life.

Benefits for Employers

Accessing the Lifetime Skills Guarantee fully funded courses as an employer enables you to:

➢ Support your staff to upskill or reskill into a higher level role in your business, without needing to fund the training.
➢ Hold onto your talented staff by helping them to gain a qualification and progress in your business.

Why will this help your business?

➢ 66% of employers with skills gaps say it’s affected their company’s performance(1)
➢ 90% felt that their business performed better when their employees had vocational qualifications.(2)
➢ 94% of employees would stay at their company longer if it invested in their career(3).

(1) Employer Skills Survey 2019, p.12
(2) Employer Skills Survey 2019: Training and Workforce Development 2019, p.42
(3) LinkedIn Workplace Learning report 2019, p.38

Benefits for Learners

Accessing the Lifetime Skills Guarantee fully funded courses as a learner means:

➢ You could be eligible to take a free Level 3 qualification to help you gain skills that your current and future employers are looking for.
➢ The skills you use for work are a series of building blocks – learning new skills will add to those you already have.

Why will this help you?

➢ Gaining a qualification at Level 3, which is equivalent to A levels, could increase your earnings by 9%.(1)
➢ One in five adults who are currently in work say they don’t expect to be working in the same industry by 2030. (2)


(1) https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/12122/pdf/, p.5-6
(2) The Future of Learning Report 2021, p.47-48

We have the following FREE courses available:

We also have a suite of other fully funded courses within the Health & Social Care, Education & Childcare sectors and Leadership & Management  – visit our Fully Funded Distance Learning courses.

Who is eligible?

In order to eligible for the fully funded diploma’s learners must meet the following criteria:

  • be aged 24 or over
  • be in employment or undertaking work experience
  • have the right to live, work, and remain in the UK (settlement status).
  • not achieved a Level 3 qualification (equivalent to A-levels).
  • not be enrolled onto another government course.

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