February Learner of the Month!

Congratulations to Annabeth Barrios Medina for being recognised as our February Learner of the Month! We’ve interviewed Annabeth’s tutor, Becci, and manager, Jenny to understand why she is so deserving of this award. Annabeth completed a Level 3 Teaching Assistant apprenticeship at Treloar, and has now be been offered a full-time contract! Congratulations, Annabeth!

Here’s what manager, Jenny Round had to say about Annabeth’s achievements:

How has Annabeth’s apprenticeship benefited her within the workplace?  

Our training is geared around our staff ensuring they have the right skill set and Annabeth uses this daily.

Has Annabeth overcome any challenges or difficulties during her time at Treloar?  

Annabeth as she works within a classroom with students with challenging behaviour on a daily basis and she is able to use her knowledge and skills that she has learnt.

Has Annabeth demonstrated the ability to take feedback and a willingness to learn from her mistakes?

Yes she has, she works in close contact with the teacher who mentors throughout the day and Annabeth adapts to who approach accordingly.

Do you have an example of when Annabeth has demonstrated resilience and determination within the workplace?  

Annabeth has followed all the correct processes and has spoken up regarding any concerns that she has and takes on board any advice that has been given.

Has Annabeth demonstrated a propensity to take action and initiative?  

Annabeth is always willing to help any students or colleagues. Annabeth is aware of morning routines and starts these without being prompted.

Has Annabeth demonstrated a willingness to learn during working hours?  

Yes, this happens each day as we are faced with different challenges and learning opportunities each week.  

Has Annabeth made any significant achievements within the workplace that you feel should be highlighted?  

Annabeth has coped very well with the challenges of a new role and has completed training that is required as well as working through her diploma.

Here’s what Tutor Becci had to say about Annabeth’s achievements:

How has the training benefitted Becci?

Annabeth is a TA in Treloar school, not originally from the UK so learning the school systems is new for her. She has had to learn the curriculum school systems from scratch which then highly benefited her role.

Has she overcome a challenge/difficulty within her learning?

Her confidence was a barrier as English is her second language and its all been very new to her but she always manages to go over and above to ensure that she has not only got the knowledge that she needs for the work, but even to extend and develop her learning continuously. She upskills in everything she needs to do for example her PowerPoint presentation on Children’s Behaviour was extremely high-end and now being used as a demo for other learners.

How has the training impacted Annabeth within the workplace?

Annabeth’s confidence has grown hugely and as she works with special needs children she has to link what she’s learning to the wider school system. She is now understanding her role a lot better and therefore foreseeing what’s available to her moving forward.

Has she demonstrated an ability to take feedback and willingness to learn from her mistakes?

Annabeth’s was always willing to take feedback and to learn from mistakes. She is able to put a real focus on her English Assessment’s now due being so ahead in her TA work, she is able to utilize this time differently. She never holds back if she wants support anymore either as she has grown in confidence as a result of the strong relationship we have built for support.

From everyone at Professional Training Solutions, we would like to congratulate Annabeth on her success – keep up the hard work!