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A day in the life of a childcare worker

“Rewarding” is how most child care workers describe their jobs, and the joy of helping children grow both intellectually and emotionally is one of its most appealing features. A child care worker manages each child’s day, usually attending to the children from early morning through the rest of the day, keeping the child engaged with games, exercise, meals, and study.

Children need to trust and feel at home with the people around them, the successful childcare worker deals with situations as they arise, from health to wellbeing and sometimes this means calming a very active child or helping another get out of their shell. The ability to provide a solid framework of activity, a flexible outlook, and a sense of caring, fun, and energy, are all important facets of being a good child care worker.

Mornings: are usually a busy time! For babies this can mean a calming introduction to the day and for younger children, mornings can be time for feeding, and play.

Late Mornings: Every childcare worker will have a different routine for the children, but mid-morning activities are an important structured part of the day. Activities include Messy play, sand, water, garden fun, painting, gluing sticking & dancing etc…

Lunchtime: This could mean preparing a bottle or serving a lunch either way it’s a time for bonding and fun!

Afternoon: For young children, part of the afternoon will be devoted to sleep time. After sleep time, the childcare worker will have other activities for the children to do from drawing to playing music.

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