Meet the founder of Professional Training Solutions

I’m Jackie Denyer and I founded Professional Training Solutions (PTS) in 2006 to make professional apprenticeship courses and training programmes more accessible to both students and adults alike across London, Surrey and the South East. Prior to founding PTS, I worked in the Training and Project Management sector where I developed my passion for training whilst working with the Training & Enterprise Council, Learning & Skills Council as well as Business Link and Surrey Council.
My background in Business Management, specifically working with local authorities and key government stakeholders, has helped me lead PTS with the necessary skills to help deliver top training courses and qualifications for a diverse range of employers.

What keeps you motivated as an entrepreneur when you hit bumps in the road?

My main motivation when it comes battling business struggles, is reminding myself of the hugely positive impact that Professional Training Solutions has on the sector and the wider community. Changing the lives of our learners is key to supporting our economy and improving national health, particularly the roll out of our healthcare training schemes in light of the pandemic. Due to this, PTS acknowledges the part we play in protecting the NHS, which always stands as an uplifting sentiment. Further to this, the hard work ethic of my team and their willingness to go above and beyond to deliver great experience confirms to me that we can overcome any hurdles that present themselves. Ultimately, our vision is to inspire tomorrow’s workforce, which keeps me focused and helps me grow our business.

What does your business offer its target audience?

We partner with employers to provide them with solutions that meet key business objectives. PTS offers first class training courses and qualifications for individuals and businesses, providing a variety of apprenticeships and other qualifications across a wide range of sectors including Health, Education, Social Care and Early Years sectors. All of our training staff are experienced in the sector they deliver in and have local knowledge and understanding, as well as knowledge of what employers and learners need to succeed. As a leading training supplier in the South East we offer top performing, motivated and enthusiastic staff who are a valuable asset to any business. Ultimately, our training courses help improve staff retention, job satisfaction and support those who are looking to re-skill in a new area.

Why do you think your business has had such a positive impact across your industry?

Delivering high quality and cost effective training schemes, our courses empower learners and employers at every stage of the training process. By promoting and communicating the benefits of apprenticeship courses, we attract the best talent and in turn create advantage for employers. Not only do we focus on students, but we also provide later learning for adults, highlighting our aim to upskill the workforce.

What do you think gives a brand longevity?

PTS positions itself as a facilitator in nurturing the best talent and ultimately helps key sectors develop their goals by placing the needs of the learner at the core of the training experience. As the need for training becomes increasingly crucial, inspiring tomorrow’s workforce is essential to helping meet the needs of the economy. This philosophy has helped establish ourselves as a go to provider for apprenticeships in the South East, which has allowed us to develop a strong, reliable and committed brand that prioritises the needs and development of learners and employers across the board.

How do you set yourself apart from other businesses in your industry?

Our bespoke learning and development courses, combined with our priority for the development of learners and employers help us stand out against other industry players. By focusing on achieving business objectives quicker and more effectively our clear business strategy means we can set and achieve the highest quality standards of training providers. Ultimately, our core values elevate learners but they allow us to become a results driven business, whilst inspiring learners to achieve their goals and provide skills for the economy.

What are your top tips for entrepreneurs wanting to get their business out there?

First, I would say it’s important for entrepreneurs and those starting out to use your existing network and more importantly to continue to build your network in order to gain business momentum. What’s useful is that you can make contacts from anywhere: both personal and professional environments. Second, you should always go over and above, to ensure you achieve your goals; sometimes nothing replaces hard work. Thirdly, make sure you deliver excellent customer service, it often gets dropped down the list of business priorities but this is fundamental to receiving repeat business, as well as promoting word of mouth. Finally, I believe you should always treat people as you would like to be treated, which is why it’s crucial to not burn any bridges, as opportunities are golden and come through when you least expect it.

What would be your top three tips to fellow entrepreneurs to look after their mental health?

For me the first tip is to give something back. Our business is focused on giving back and it’s great for your mental health too. Personally I volunteer at an outdoor centre to give opportunities to the disabled, including an annual Christmas event. Our business has now also introduced two more days of extra leave per year to be spent on charitable initiatives too. On top of this, it’s wise to talk to other entrepreneurs. Through learning from each other’s experience you can get a better understanding of how you can make mental health a priority in the workplace. Most of the time, other business leaders are going through similar hardships so it’s encouraging to share experiences. Principally, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Generally, people want to help wherever they can.

How important is company culture and what is your top tip to get it right?

Our culture of collaboration, inspiration and strong purpose is the backbone of our operations at PTS. We believe that practising these values are key to the success and growth of any company. Harboring this kind of culture is essential for both engagement and loyalty, and results in strong communication between our learners and employers once learners move into the workplace. Internally, we also encourage these attributes for our own apprentices to help instill confidence and ensure that learners can reach their potential. My main piece of advice would then be to always follow with a strong sense of purpose and be transparent, that way you can show good leadership and ultimately inspire those around you.

What plans do you have for Professional Training Solutions over the next two years?

Within the next two years we are focusing on growing the impact that our business is having on society. That means improving the opportunities for more people than we have ever had before, and ensuring that we are using new training initiatives, and working with employers to centre on long term, sustainable jobs. With that will come benefits to our team and our wider business, as we bring on new clients, we can develop our revenue with improved strategy, to help us deliver improved initiatives to learners across the UK.

Describe your business in three words.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Workforce.

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