Beginners guide to employability training

Whether you are just starting out in your career or trying to find your feet again in the world of work, our employability training is relevant to you.


Recruiters everywhere are now looking for employability skills representing a candidature’s; efficacy, competency, and potential to thrive in a competitive professional domain. Under our government funding, you can now access this qualification for FREE. This is often partnered with a 6-week work experience placement known as a traineeship or a kickstart placement with us. We have conducted some interviews with our tutors who provide this training to brief you with a further in-depth understanding of the course.


This is what our tutors Andrew Hawkins and Malachi Small had to say:


What is employability training?

Employability training is a 6-month course that consists of 4 workshops and 6 one-to-one coaching calls. The workshops each focus on a different area of employability: communication, customer service, mindset/motivation, and CV writing. The monthly one-to-one coaching call allows us to catch up with each individual learner and discuss how their work placement is going as well as giving the individual an opportunity to ask for any further support that they may need. Overall, employability training is an engaging and interesting course that gives each student an opportunity to develop their communication skills, their confidence, and their leadership through a series of different student-led workshops.


What is the aim of it?

The aim of it is to gain a certificate in employability and therefore in the process improve one’s confidence, helping them to become comfortable with communicating, having good interpersonal skills, such as CV writing, what a cover letter is used for and how to write one, how to answer certain job interview questions, and how to communicate in a team of other like-minded individuals.


How do you support your learners?

We support the learners through one-to-one coaching calls every month which give us an opportunity to speak with the learner one to one and give any support that they might need. We also support learners through emailing and instant messaging via Microsoft teams, phone calls via Microsoft teams, and email. The learners are our main priority and any/all learner queries are answered as soon as we can.


What does the training involve?

The training involves 4 workshops delivered remotely in groups (ranging from about 2-10) as well as 6 one-to-one monthly coaching calls.

Workshop 1 – Initial assessments in English, Maths, and essential digital skills then we deliver a training session on communication skills and working behaviours

Workshop 2 – Understanding your customers

Workshop 3 – Mindset and Motivation

Workshop 4 – CV and recruitment 


What are the benefits of employability training?

The benefits of employability training are the individual will hopefully be having any of the following outcomes: a part-time/full-time job, training opportunity, study at further education, or maybe an apprenticeship. By learners completing the employability training with us at PTS they will be well equipped with the key skills sought after by employers in any work sector.


How have your learners developed throughout their learning?

From the third session onwards you can already see with certain learners the level of their development. Typically, learners develop confidence which is clear to see from the second and third workshop onwards. I’ve also seen learners develop in terms of their own work placement, gaining the confidence needed to thrive in the workplace and secure better work opportunities and even employment offers. Many learners have managed to source their own job outcome by applying and securing a job in the same or different sector and some of our learners have gone onto further education whether that be at an access course, degree, or an apprenticeship.


What qualification do you receive at the end of your training?

Upon completion of the employability training, learners will be certificated with a certificate in NCFE Level 1 Award in Employability Skills. They also will be able to gain a reference from their employer for their traineeship or kickstart placement.


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