Work in Early Years through our FREE Pan London Early Years Sector Skills training programme! 

Are you are aged between 16-69? Living in London? Currently unemployed?

If yes, our Early Years training programme is the perfect way to kickstart a new career in the Early Years sector!  Starting a career  in Early Years  opens many career opportunities, from apprenticeship opportunities to being your own boss!   Working in a childcare role will give you the chance to support children as they learn, develop, and prepare for school.  

What are the early years? 

Children aged 0-5 are known as the early year’s group. This stage of a child life is crucial. They need to be ready for school and have developed the necessary skills to process forward. Individuals who work in Early Years play an important role in helping children from birth to school age reach their full potential. 

There are a variety of roles within Early Years and whichever one you chose, you will have a rewarding career, where you can work with children of all backgrounds. You will play a key part in helping them develop skills that they’ll use throughout their life. It’s a career that brings fun, enjoyment and job satisfaction. You will see first-hand the impact your support has on a child, giving you the satisfaction that you’re giving them the best possible start in life. 

Benefits of the programme: 

  • Our programme* can be tailored to meet your needs.  
  • You will gain a recognised sector-based qualification up to level 3. 
  • You will receive Employability training, helping you to become more employable. 
  • Throughout the programme, you will receive employment support and a guaranteed interview. 
  • You will receive full mentoring support to identify and address any barriers. 
  • The programme accommodates all academic levels including additional support to those with ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), numeracy, and literacy difficulties. 
  • FREE PACEY registration to those embarking on the childminder/Nanning route. 

Interesting in our PLEYSS training programme?   

Contact Fatai Oseni to see if you qualify! 

Email: f.oseni@protrain-solutions.co.uk
Telephone: 01252 712945 ext. 502

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*Eligibility criteria applies