The Royal Ballet School of London

The Royal Ballet School is one of the world’s greatest centres of classical ballet training, which for generations has produced dancers and choreographers of international renown. Admission to the School is based purely on talent and potential, regardless of academic ability or personal circumstances and 84% of current students rely on financial support to attend the School.

The School offers an eight-year carefully structured dance course, aligned with an extensive academic, pastoral and healthcare programme, giving the students the best possible education to equip them for a career in the world of dance.


The Royal Ballet School have very strong and learner focused values so they wanted these to be reciprocated in the training provider they choose for delivering their apprenticeships.
The apprenticeship focus was our Level 3 Events Assistant however, it soon became a challenge due to the Covid-19 pandemic as the events industry literally shut down overnight back in March 2020. PTS, the employer and more importantly the learner all rose to the challenge and adapted the apprenticeship to encompass the change in how customer events had to be planned remotely and delivered digitally rather than face to face.


We spoke with Georgia Crabtree – Associate Programme and Primary Steps Administrative Manager and Katy McEntee – Training and Access Apprentice to get their views first hand of how the training has benefitted them.

This is what Georgia had to say –

‘Katy’s apprenticeship has been very beneficial. It has enabled her to spend time reflecting and evaluating the skills she has learnt
and tasks she has undertaken for The Royal Ballet School. Apprenticeship’s are a fantastic opportunity for people to learn on the job, giving them an insight into being employed and having responsibilities’.

Katy, who was also our Learner of the Month, tells us her thoughts on her apprenticeship.

‘My apprenticeship has given me the confidence to contribute ideas to my team and think ‘out of the box’ to improve processes and the customer experience.
Five words that describe my learner journey are:
Interesting, Motivating, Challenging, Positive, Valuable’

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