Why you should consider an apprenticeship

For some, the route of an apprenticeship is not such an obvious choice. However, we believe it is the perfect way to start or progress within your career. Completing an apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to gain real-life on the job training, whilst gaining a recognised qualification. You will learn, develop and gain essential knowledge employers look for ensuring you stand out from the crowd!  You may think that apprenticeships are only for young people, fresh from school or college. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

What does an apprenticeship involve in reality?

They are a smart way to develop your skills and working attributes. It doesn’t matter what type of apprenticeship you’re looking to enrol on, you’ll get the chance to work or look for work in your sector alongside your learning.  Our range of apprenticeships at Professional Training Solutions will give you the best chance of developing your perfect career path.

How will an apprenticeship help my career?

There are so many reasons why an apprenticeship is a great way to earn money and learn at the same time.   We’ve highlighted our top 5 reasons that demonstrate some key benefits of doing an apprenticeship:

1. Earn while you learn – No student debt!

Often university is seen as the only option to secure a relevant qualification and unfortunately, it comes with huge debt whereas an apprenticeship doesn’t and not only provides you with a qualification but also a huge amount more work experience.

2. Work experience

Employers often ask in an interview for your relevant experience, perhaps you have only really been a student or perhaps you have limited experience with no qualification, whichever it may be an apprenticeship will offer you a wage and more importantly an answer due to you gaining real-life experience within the career path you choose.

3. Recognised Qualification

A level 3 Apprenticeship is equivalent to two A-Levels and gives you 18months work experience alongside that. In addition to this, a Level 4 is equal to a Foundation degree, leaving 5&6 as a Bachelor’s and 7 as a Master’s. These are all relevant and highly-recognised qualifications in the world of work.

4. Networking starts early

Being in a workplace setting for a few years will expose you to a variety of different professionals mainly in your field of interest. This means networking is much more accessible and other meetings or events with other companies will also provide excellent networking opportunities. Its who you know as much as what you know!

5. Improve your employability

Pursuing an apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to gain real-life working experience and develop your skillsets – even you decide to pursue a different type of work or within a different industry successfully completing an apprenticeship shows future potential employers you have an aptitude to work and learn at the same time

We champion apprenticeships for all ages across a variety of sectors visit our learner information page and check out our current apprenticeship vacancies here