Lucy Traversari – Recruitment Executive Apprentice

Lucy’s journey so far has been an exciting and progressive one and she feels she has been lucky to be where she is. Here’s what she had to say:

What lead you down the apprenticeship path?

At 18, my college didn’t advertise apprenticeships or educate me well enough on them. It wasn’t until I started my job with a training provider that I realised the black and white stereotype of hairdresser and bricklayer apprenticeships was well out the window and they are now so much more versatile with a big range to choose from.

Due to this lack of education I completed a foundation year at university and realised swiftly that it wasn’t for me.

Once I’d completed the year I began looking for a job, got an interview at PTS, and began as a Sales and Recruitment Executive. From the interview stage it was made very clear that should I wish to pursue an apprenticeship they would support me and then after 2 years I began to specialise working solely in recruitment where my line manager Jay helped to guide me onto my current course.

What is your favorite thing about your apprenticeship? 

The thing I like most about my apprenticeship is how easy the learning platform is, there’s not just learning on my course qual but I also have access to industry knowledge and various experts I can ask questions too.

Not only this, in order to ensure I’ve retained the information without my notes they have a gamified system after each module video, these give you coins. The coins correlate to their rewards centre which is amazing because I am able to send children in Cambodia with ‘Teach the Unreached’ charity that help those children, who aren’t as lucky as I am, to go to school just by completing my learning. I have already sent a child to school for 3 days! I find this is just the extra bit of motivation I need to steer me along my revision route 🙂

How are you being supported alongside your workload?

Every six weeks I have a scheduled touchpoint call with my tutor where we go through my completed work, have professional discussions regarding the course and what I have learnt, however, if I have any issues with any understanding or coursework she is contactable at any point.

My Line Manager Jay has likewise been very supportive in getting me onto the apprenticeship as well as allowing me one day a week to complete any necessary training webinars. This is customary for most workplaces as 20% off-the-job training is compulsory.

What are your goals and prospects following the apprenticeship completion?

My goals and aspirations are to help grow the companies recruitment team as well as better our current practices. over time as we expand I would look to complete a Level  3 Tead Leader or/and a Level 5 Department Manager depending on what best suits my role within the company. Ideally this would lead to a higher recruitment managerial role in which I could lead a small team of recruiters and support them in similar apprenticeship opportunities.