Why employers need to consider apprenticeships

We sat down with our Sales Manager Jay Crabb ahead of National Apprenticeship Week – #NAW2022 – to discuss why it is vital for employers to consider apprenticeships for their long term business success.

Why are apprenticeships are so important to a business

Apprenticeships are key to building a sustainable and skilled workforce – they provide the training and practical experience in a working environment that will support both the employer and apprentice’s needs.   Apprenticeships can support new team members joining the company as well as existing employees aged from 16 years – there is no upper age limit to do an apprenticeship.   As well as developing skills and gaining essential on the job training, they are instrumental in supporting the economy recovering from the effects the Covid pandemic has had on businesses.  They contribute to this by offering a real solution for the current skills gap and those wanting to forge careers in sectors that require growth.

Through the partnership of the apprentice, the employer and their provider, vital personal industry and workplace-specific skills will be developed to support the needs of the industry.  As an employer this magnifies the positive perception of your business to the outside world as you proactively supporting the local and wider economy needs and many will commend and respect you for helping to tackle the present and future challenges of having a skilled workforce.

What are the business benefits/return on investment?

Sustainable workforce – the ability to grow your own talent, and tailor training to match the skills and needs of your business.    Apprenticeships can help to bring new skills to an employer’s workforce and, more importantly, retain crucial bespoke skills that are a legacy to the business.

Decreasing staff turnover  – There is proven government research that apprentices maintain a longer length of service with their employers therefore decreasing staff turnover as well as encouraging others in the wider business to replicate this loyalty and enthusiasm.   Consequently, this would improve overall staff retention rates and brand reputation.

Tailored training – Apprenticeships can be tailored to fit all types of employers by selecting different training modules and varied approaches to suit your company and the apprentice.

How can they help future-proof a company?

There is an ever-changing need for new skills and industries to develop and adapt, which means employers need to stay ahead of these changes.   Apprenticeships are a perfect partnership of providing industry-specific Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours that are essential to any business’s success, but as always there is a real opportunity for employers to mentor their apprentices and install their vision, values, and legacy of skills required in their business.

Staff retention is key to a successful and profitable business, using apprenticeships to scale a workforce is proven to help with a better retention rate and therefore making the business  more competitive with a motivated and skilled workforce.

Find out more

Jay is available throughout National Apprenticeship Week to chat with any employer about how apprenticeships can help – book a date and time here