Jess Fryer – Business Support Apprentice

Jess feels her  journey so far has been an exciting and progressive one and she feels she has been lucky to be where she is. Here’s what she had to say:


What lead you down the apprenticeship path?

I went to college for a year and didn’t feel it suited me, I knew I wanted to enter the world of work as soon as I could. My dad suggested an apprenticeship so I began looking for various roles and managed to find this role at PTS. I felt like learning whilst working would be the best option for myself as it would give me more motivation and experience. ‘Earn while you learn’ has very much been a key motivator regarding my time here. My tasks here feel purposeful and have value to them whereas in school I felt there was less of a direct connection to the outside world.


What is your favorite thing about your apprenticeship? 

I like the portal as you can track each unit (I have 3 units) and it allows you to see progress in terms of percentages. Another thing is attending the monthly workshops because you get to meet other apprentices doing similar apprenticeships to you. Many of the tasks involve group activities and can be applied to real-life so this has also been beneficial to me.


How are you being supported alongside your workload?

Every six weeks I have a scheduled touchpoint call with my tutor where we go through my completed work, have professional discussions regarding the course and what I have learnt.


My line manager Emon has also been very supportive with regards to any issues I might have and he’s contactable at any point.


What are your goals and prospects following the apprenticeship completion?

My goals and aspirations are to explore the finance route and potentially climb the career ladder in the business sector. I would definitely consider a Level 3 & 4 Professional Accounting or Taxation Technician Apprenticeship to complement these two goals and to gain experience in more areas so I am a more versatile employee.