Where To Find Customer Service Training Courses?

A customer walks into your shop or office; a person looking around pensively; an individual that looks confused.   What do you want your staff to do?   As business becomes more competitive having that ‘edge’ over others is more important than ever!

Helping individuals who enter your business, store, warehouse or office is an important aspect for any business.   Providing good customer service is a necessary aspect of any business.  For you and your team to be effective you need training and knowledge

Here at Professional Training Solutions we provide apprenticeships suited for employers and  individuals alike looking to improve/develop their customer service skills.   Individuals who complete an apprenticeship will be equipped with the necessary skills to deal with a variety of customer service situations, ensuring all enquiries are dealt in a professional and productive manner.

Here’s how we can help!

Our customer service apprenticeships offer individuals the opportunity to learn on-the-job, whilst gaining a recognised qualification.   Employers can use an apprenticeship for new and current staff as long as they meet the criteria – talk to our specialist team for guidance.

We currently offer these customer service apprenticeships:

Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner

Learners will develop a variety of skills throughout their apprenticeship, including  an understanding who their customer is and how to manage expectations, gaining knowledge of the different legislations and regulations relating to business and their responsibilities regarding them, using measurement and evaluation tools to  monitor  customer service levels and how to deal with confliction and challenging situations within the workplace.

Level 3 Customer Service Specialist

Learners who undertake this qualification will be an advocate for Customer Service and act as a referral point for dealing with the most complex customer requests/queries. Learners may be involved to help with more complicated/ongoing customer problems. As an expert, Learners should share their knowledge with colleagues. Learners may be responsible for gathering and analysing data to influence changes and improvement within the service. They should be confident in utilising both organisational and generic IT systems to carry out their role.

If you would like to see how our customer service courses can help you, speak with our team today.