Tracy Hill – Senior Healthcare Support Apprentice

What lead you down the apprenticeship path

I’ve worked at the Trust for just over 5 years now, spending 2.5 years with the oncology team on Onslow. I enjoyed working with the team but found that I was running out of new things to learn. In September 2019 I transferred to A&E as a band 2 Healthcare Assistant. This was a little bit of a risk as I was half way through the apprenticeship course but I knew that I needed to learn more to help me pass my apprenticeship.

It was the right move and although it was considered a big risk, it definitely paid off and I was able to complete the apprenticeship with a distinction.


What was your favourite thing about your apprenticeship

The assignments set were extremely in depth and I would have to understand exactly what I was writing as the marking was accurate and strict. Which I feel was fair as we should know what we are doing and understand why.

I use so, so much of the knowledge gained from the training provider in my role. It is vital learning to enable the best performance from me in my role. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learnt this past 2 years!


How were you being supported alongside your workload

My ward sister decided it would be easier to allocate the time as 2 days a month study time. I used my study time to visit many areas within the trust in order to learn and increase my knowledge. It was so useful and I’m glad I used most of it to gain these experiences.

The training carried out with the provider was very good and although I was on the first cohort,  which was, at times, a bit tricky, I learnt so much which has put me in a position of understanding and using my gained knowledge in my work.

Other times the study days were used for writing up assignments and research. I put in a lot more than 20% but that was optional and I wanted to gain as much experience and knowledge as possible before the course ended.


What are your goals and prospects following the apprenticeship completion

This particular apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to learn ‘hands on’ and academically. I am so happy I managed to finish with a distinction at 97%.

This has given me the push, knowledge and confidence to continue my studies and I am hoping to embark on the Registered Nurse apprenticeship in future.

The learning, knowledge and confidence the apprenticeship has equipped me not only with UCAS points but knowledge, confidence, ambition and normal wage!