What are the business benefits for apprenticeships?

We sat down with our Sales Director Chrissy Payne to summarise the benefits for businesses when it comes to apprenticeships.

Apprenticeships are important to a business for many different reasons. They can offer the opportunity to invest and value current team members in an affordable yet structured way as well as helping to recruit the next generation for them to start their careers.  In essence they enable businesses to ‘grow’ their own talent.

Key benefits

  • Inject your business with fresh people with new ideas
  • Opportunity to invest in current team members
  • Build a pipeline of talent
  • Become a known leader in growing talent
  • Increase the skill level in the team which increase capabilities and ultimately business output/revenue
  • Create a happier more valued workforce
  • Increase staff retention
  • Creates an element of succession planning

If you’d like to discuss these benefits in more detail, Chrissy is available throughout National Apprenticeship Week to chat with any employer about how apprenticeships can help their business – book a date and time here