North Hampshire and Surrey SME’s – Transfer to Transform Apprenticeship initiative

We are very proud to support the Transfer to Transform initiative that is now live for North Hampshire & Surrey, led by the Apprenticeship & Skills Hub team! Here we talk about the scheme and how it can help businesses.

What is Transfer to Transform?
The impacts of COVID-19, have been and continue to be both economically and socially unprecedented. Now is the time for us to respond to the impact of the crisis together to support the local regions businesses and employees in their recovery. To help with this, the Apprenticeship Hub has launched Transfer to Transform – a campaign to secure unutilised apprenticeship levy funds by asking larger businesses to pledge their funds to support SMEs across the region.

How does it benefit employers?
There are both short and long term benefits to taking advantage of this scheme and hiring an apprentice via the Transfer to Transform initiative.

According to data from the National Apprenticeship Service:

  • 92% of companies that have taken on apprentices believe this leads to a more motivated and satisfied workforce and 80% have seen a significant increase in employee retention.
  • Apprenticeships increase a company’s bottom line. National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) data has shown that
  • 81% of consumers favour using a company that takes on apprentices.
  • Apprentices can revitalise a company. An apprentice can bring a fresh perspective to the organisation, which can have a great impact on other staff when it comes to creativity and innovation.
  • Apprenticeships free up existing staff time. As a business grows, staff can end up completing certain tasks that would be much better delegated to additional staff members, freeing up time and resources to be more efficient.

What will it cost me?
Ultimately, the opportunity allows you as the employer, to access funding to support with your apprenticeships. while the government can provide some support with apprenticeship funding, 100% of the training costs will only be available to you by receiving a levy transfer from one of the pledging companies.   It is worth noting that this funding does not have to be used on a new member of the workforce, if there is someone on your team who would like to upskill, the funding can be used to train them with an apprenticeship.

NEXT STEPS Submit an Application for Levy Funds
To apply for the levy funds, simply fill in the Apprenticeship Skills Hub application form and a member of their team will be in touch to support you through the process. You will find the application form on the website navigate to the the bottom of the  page and  just select ‘SME seeking apprenticeship funding’.

The Apprenticeship Hub is a partnership between Hampshire County Council, Southampton City Council, Surrey County Council, Portsmouth City Council, The Education Business Partnership, The Local Enterprise Partnership, The Association of Learning Providers for Hampshire and Isle of Wight, Solent University, The University of Portsmouth, The University of Winchester, DWP, CSW and the Chamber of Commerce.   The project’s goal is to create new apprenticeship opportunities for people living in the Solent & EM3 region.  We do this by providing free, impartial and practical advice to help businesses grow through tailored skills solutions for new and existing staff.