Learner of the Month!

Congratulations to Elaine Donaldson for being recognised as June’s Learner of the month! We conducted an interview with Elaine and her tutor Becci Fryer to understand why she is so deserving of this award.

Here’s what Elaine had to say:

How has the training you’ve received benefited you?

The training I have received has benefited me greatly, without doing my Level 2 qualification in Supporting Teaching and Learning, I would never have known about safeguarding issues and the impacts they can have within schooling environments. I have learnt a great deal through the training I have received.

Have you had to overcome any difficulties whilst completing your qualification?

I have had to overcome difficulties such as believing in myself and homeschooling my son, whilst focusing on my learning. Knowing I have completed my qualification and the hard work has paid off, I am so proud of myself. It’s given me the confidence to further my career.

How has the training impacted your career?

I am excited at the development opportunities that have come from completing my training with PTS. I look forward to progressing my career within the Early Years sector. The future is looking bright!

Here’s what Becci Fryer, Elaine’s tutor had to say: 

How has the training and learning benefited Elaine?

Elaine is one of the Adult Education Learners. By completing the Level 2 Supporting Teaching and Learning qualification, it has provided Elaine with the necessary skill set to apply for a variety of roles within her career.

Has Elaine overcome any difficulties and challenges within her learning?

Hasn’t she just! COVID-19 has had a significant impact on our Adult Education learners, as many of them are volunteers. Unfortunately, volunteer placements within schools ended abruptly due to the pandemic and have not yet resumed. Thankfully, Elaine secured her workplace before COVID-19 and was able to be exposed to a working environment. Elaine has shown resilience and determination within her learning, she initially struggled with moving to remote delivery, especially with not being able to receive face-to-face support. Elaine has faced a variety of obstacles throughout the year, however; she was able to push through and get the job done!

Has Elaine demonstrated a willingness to learn and the ability to take feedback on board?

Absolutely! Elaine has always been open about her worries concerning going back into education, but she continued to contribute and be a part of all the lessons and was not afraid to ask for help! Elaine took all feedback positively and would consistently improve from it! Throughout her learning, Elaine’s confidence has grown and this has reflected within her work. She consistently looks to see how she can improve and learn from my feedback.