Level 3 Accounting Apprenticeship Case Study

Our learner

Petra is completing her Accounting Level 3 Apprenticeship so she can improve her financial knowledge as a Finance Administrator. Administrators in her company liaise with the Finance team regularly as they support them with the simpler tasks such as collecting data and passing on information. The training team offered AAT apprenticeships to Administrators who were interested, and as Petra always found the financial processes very intriguing, she felt it was only natural to upskill and receive accounting training. This was especially fitting as she has also supported and shadowed the Finance team on multiple occasions.


We spoke to Petra about the challenges she faced during her course:

“It is a very practical qualification, which is what I like. But I find it particularly interesting when the case studies we look at are slightly more complex and very relatable to what happens in real circumstances.
Some of the material can be fairly specialist, although standard syllabus in itself, some concepts have been rather difficult to grasp. Having persistence in revising the materials I have been provided with definitely played a role in improving my understanding of some topics.
In addition, I became a mother before starting the training, which posed a logistic challenge around managing my time and studying as well as working. However, my tutor and reviewers have all been very thoughtful and supportive, so scheduling meetings and practice exams was always coordinated with my availability.”

Results & Impact

We then spoke to Petra about her learning experience so far and how it has impacted her day to day:

“The fact that the syllabus is being taught in a few different ways means that it gives different angles and ways of presenting the information and helps get a well-rounded understanding of a topic. For example there are online sessions with a tutor, online learning on your own via the platform, as well as the physical tutorial and workbooks. This is reassuring to make sure you can learn in the best way for yourself.
“It has taught me to evaluate questions and situations from all perspectives. Some of the topics within the course are very thorough and require careful consideration of all facts. This has definitely helped me with my job as it has expanded my analysing skills in evaluating situations as well as the quality of information recording, which is a key part of my role. It has also equipped me with more perseverance – some topics have been somewhat challenging for me to understand, but I had no choice but to figure it out in order to progress with the qualification. This is certainly a very transferable skill that has helped achieve more targets at work”.

Recommendation for Professional Training Solutions
“I would definitely recommend this qualification and also PTS as a training provider. The amount of support and feedback I’m receiving is playing a great role in the fact that I have been acing all exams so far. I would not be able to do that without clear guidance about what I need to work on and what is working”.

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