Learner Success story functional skills

We’re sharing a success story from one of learners who took advantage of the free English and Maths) qualifications that we offer – eligibility criteria does apply.


Galina is completing her English functional skill qualification so she can improve her level of written and spoken English. She works with a lot of people for whom English is their first language and sometimes finds it uncomfortable participating in conversations. She feels her peer’s perception of her intelligence and skillset might be clouded by the level of her English fluency.

The second reason is that she would like to do administrative work in the future having previously worked within administration using databases and accounting software. She graduated from university with a degree, in her homeland Bulgaria. Unfortunately, life became difficult, so she and her family relocated to England where she has now found her feet and mastered the English language, in part thanks to our functional skills course.


We spoke to Galina about the challenges she faced during her course:

“Every lesson with Marilyn is a great challenge. I am incredibly grateful for her patience with me, it is difficult to work with people of whom English is not their first language.
Marilyn always explains slowly and clearly with many examples. When something is not clear to me, I always ask, and she explains in a way that enables me to understand.
Also, I am happy that I had the opportunity to write a lot. I really like the tasks in which I have a topic and have to write emails, letters or articles.”


We spoke to Galina about her future ambitions and this is what she had to say:

“I want to do administrative work and for this purpose I will need an exceptionally good level of English. I hope that I will pass the exam successfully so that I can go to the next level. I definitely gained a little more self-confidence and hope to get another opportunity to be taught by people like Marilyn.”

A word from Galina’s tutor:

“In the first lesson Galina’s body language showed that she was extremely anxious, and she said she was nervous as she had been out of learning for many years. She had to overcome challenges in terms of finding a physical space to attend the lessons, but this did not deter her, and she attended all the lessons and submitted all homework. Doing this course seems to have reawakened a thirst for knowledge within Galina and I am happy to have been a part of her progression journey”.