Learner of the Month!

Congratulations to Ellie Coulbert for being recognised as September’s Learner of the month! We conducted an interview with Ellie’s Employer, Cherry Wood Nursery and her Tutor, Rachel Chamberlain to understand why she is so deserving of this award. Ellie is a dedicated member of the team at Cherry Wood Nursery and has recently passed her English Functional Skills exam, after working very hard to achieve this.

Here’s what Cherry Wood Nursery had to say about Ellie’s achievements:

Has the training benefitted Ellie, and had an impact on the work she does within the workplace?

Ellie’s passion for her role has become more apparent the more she has learnt, her motivation for the job has also increased and she is now more confident when making decisions and developing her partnership with parents.

Has Ellie overcome any challenges or difficulties within her time at Cherry Wood?

At the beginning of Ellie’s apprenticeship, she was shy and reserved, but since gaining experience with all of the age groups, her confidence has flourished. There have been times where she has struggled with the work that has been set, but with the support of Professional Training Solutions and her tutor she has completed all assignments.

Has Ellie demonstrated the ability to take feedback and a willingness to learn from her mistakes?

During our monthly line manager chats, Ellie has also taken any constructive criticism and worked on her targets to improve her interaction and abilities within the age groups, she has learnt various parts of the routines such as Jolly Phonics with support from the team and was able to adapt her teaching styles depending on the feedback she received through staff observations.  Ellie also helped the team when we had a child with additional needs by supporting their 1-2-1, she was able to support the child’s needs with the back up of the team around her.

Do you have an example of when Ellie has demonstrated resilience and determination within the workplace?

Ellie has faced many challenges since being at the workplace, she has spent time in all age groups and this can sometimes be unnerving for individuals as they have to build new relationships with the staff and children in each of the rooms.  Ellie has always been willing to take on any challenges she faces and nothing is ever too much.

Has Ellie demonstrated a propensity to take action and initiative?

The role of a nursery nurse involves adapting behaviours depending on the situation, whether this is having a formal conversation with parents regarding their child, administering first aid and showing empathy, being fun & creative through a variety of activities – all of which Ellie is able to adapt her behaviour and know how to act in various situations.

 Has Ellie demonstrated a willingness to learn during work hours?

Ellie is always willing to attend training & in the earlier months of her apprenticeship would learn how to interact with purpose, extend learning, learn how to complete accident and medication forms & overall learn her role as a Nursery Nurse. Ellie’s competence has developed so well and now she is based within an age group she is able to answer questions about the children in her care and guide staff who cover ratios too.

Has Ellie made any significant achievements within the workplace that you feel should be highlighted?

As previously mentioned Ellie faced some challenges when she was first employed as an apprentice, but through her training, she has flourished into a brilliant Nursery Nurse and she has recently been offered a full-time role at the nursery!

Here’s what Tutor, Rachel Chamberlain had to say:

How has the training benefited Ellie?

Ellie persevered with her Functional Skills exams, despite finding it challenging at times. Gaining her English Functional Skills means she can go on to a higher level within the business which will increase her employability allowing her to progress with her career and qualifications.

Has Ellie overcome a challenge/difficulty within her learning?

Ellie’s attitude towards her learning has improved drastically. Initially, Ellie found balancing studying and working full-time challenging, but she has managed to find a great balance. Ellie’s mentality towards her learning has significantly improved!

How has the training impacted Ellie within the workplace?

The training Ellie has received has given her confidence. It’s the key to any career, and qualifications give you confidence. Gaining these qualifications, helps Ellie to improve and build on CV. Y0u must continue to motivate yourself to study. This is the first step to the chain reaction of career success and Ellie is able to recognise how crucial all these steps are to her happiness and success levels.

Has Ellie demonstrated an ability to take feedback and a willingness to learn from her mistakes?

Since beginning her apprenticeship, Ellies ability to receive constructive feedback has improved, and she began asking questions and concentrating more. Ellie has overcome a large number of hurdles due to having high expectations of herself. I find it rewarding seeing how far Ellie has come both in her learning and confidence.

From everyone at Professional Training Solutions, we would like to congratulate Ellie on her success and keep up the hard work!