Dispel the Myths – Traineeships

Our team feels that traineeships are often misunderstood, with many people not knowing what they are or what they involve.

Traineeships or work placements as we like to use, provide the perfect opportunity for individuals looking to gain valuable work experience, as well as working towards a qualification to help boost their career prospects.   Below, we have listed common misconceptions surrounding work placements, as we believe more individuals entering the job market  and employers building a skilled workforce  should consider this option. 

You can’t do a traineeship if you’ve done A-levels ​

Incorrect, Individuals who have A-levels can complete a traineeship! If you are aged between 16-24 and do not have a qualification equivalent to a degree, you could be eligible to complete work experience through a traineeship. 

Individuals can be underqualified for a traineeship ​

A traineeship is essentially work experience for those aged 16-24s. Individuals do not need any previous qualifications to complete a traineeship, making it the perfect route into employment. Whilst completing a traineeship, individuals will have the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications in employability and digital skills. 

Traineeships/Work placements cannot be tailored ​

We recognise every employer/trainee is different.  We have a variety of courses on offer to ensure the work placement is adapted to meet the needs of any business environment. 

Traineeships offer no training ​

Our training programme offers three weeks of employability & digital skills training, widely recognised by employers as a trusted and beneficial training experience. 

Traineeships do not add value to the business and can be an inconvenience ​

Trainees add vast amounts of value to any business. Traineeships allow businesses to bring on young talent, with possible progression routes, such as an apprenticeship or full-time employment. 

Traineeships are too short to gain any real work experience ​

It can be challenging to find effective work experience. However, our traineeships last 8 weeks, allowing individuals to gain valuable on-the-job experience! 

Qualifications have to be completed outside of work hours ​

Training towards any qualification must be completed inside in working hours, making it the perfect opportunity to obtain qualifications, whilst gaining valuable work experience.

Offering a traineeship work placement is costly and time-consuming  ​

Recruiting a trainee is FREE for the employer and all training costs are covered by the government. Employers who offer traineeship work placement and complete the feedback at the end of each placement could be eligible for a £1,000 incentive payment for up to 10 trainees.

There’s no progression after completing a traineeship 

All trainees are guaranteed an interview at the end of their work experience, making it ideal for those looking for full-time employment. The experience individuals gain through a traineeship is invaluable. If you decide to complete a traineeship, make sure to include the experience on your CV, alongside the qualifications you have gained! 

We hope this blog has dispelled the myths surrounding traineeships. 

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