Andree Iland – Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care & Finalist for Learner of the Year

Meet Andree Iland, a dedicated learner and passionate advocate for the deaf community. As a finalist for Learner of the Year, Andree’s commitment to professional development and quality care has made a significant impact within the Royal Association of Deaf People (RAD) and beyond.


Andree serves as a Support Worker within the deaf community, supporting individuals in their homes. With a profound understanding of British Sign Language (BSL) as her first language, Andree recognised the importance of gaining professional qualifications to enhance the care and support she provides.

Key Contributions:

Andree’s journey to becoming a Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care recipient is marked by her unwavering dedication to learning and growth. As part of a pioneering project led by Professional Training Solutions and RAD, Andree played a vital role in piloting the Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care for carers within the deaf community. Her insights and feedback were instrumental in shaping the course curriculum to better meet the needs of deaf learners.

Exceptional Commitment:

Throughout the course, Andree exhibited exceptional commitment and enthusiasm, consistently submitting assignments on time and actively participating in workshops. Her natural empathy and understanding of the deaf community have enabled her to excel in her studies and apply her newfound knowledge to enhance the quality of care provided to service users.

Impactful Leadership:

Andree’s leadership extends beyond her role as a learner – she has become a mentor and source of support for her colleagues, both within RAD and during classes. Her willingness to share insights and collaborate with peers has fostered a culture of continuous learning and improvement within the organisation.


Andree’s dedication and contributions have garnered praise from colleagues and mentors alike. Daniel Clements, RAD’s Director of Independent Living, Support Services, and Programmes, commends Andree for her role in promoting outstanding care and support within the deaf community. Her assessor acknowledges Andree’s exemplary commitment to her studies and the invaluable guidance she provides to her peers.


Andree Iland’s journey from a Support Worker to a finalist for Learner of the Year exemplifies the transformative power of education and professional development. Her passion for improving the lives of deaf individuals, coupled with her dedication to learning, makes her a standout candidate for this prestigious award.


We proudly recommend Andree Iland for the Learner of the Year award, recognising her exceptional contributions to the deaf community and her unwavering commitment to excellence in care and support. Andree’s journey serves as an inspiration to learners everywhere, demonstrating the profound impact that dedicated individuals can have on their communities through education and advocacy.