Nathan Smith – Examinations & Bookings Administrator & Finalist for Support Staff of the Year

Meet Nathan Smith, an invaluable member of the Professional Training Solutions team serving as the Examinations & Bookings Administrator. With a wealth of experience in the education sector, Nathan brings exceptional knowledge and skills to his role, ensuring the smooth management of examinations and office operations.


With five years of experience as a Business Support Assistant in the education sector, Nathan’s journey to Professional Training Solutions is marked by a dedication to supporting learners and colleagues alike. His transition to the role of Examinations & Bookings Administrator underscores his commitment to facilitating learning and growth within the organisation.

Key Contributions:

As the Examinations & Bookings Administrator, Nathan plays a pivotal role in managing the examinations entry and preparation process. His meticulous attention to detail ensures the accuracy and efficiency of examination procedures, from initial bookings to result management. Additionally, Nathan oversees the day-to-day running of the office, providing essential administrative support to staff and learners alike.

Exceptional Support:

Nathan’s role extends far beyond administrative duties – he serves as a pillar of support for both learners and colleagues. His approachable demeanour and willingness to assist ensure that all inquiries are handled promptly and professionally. Nathan’s dedication to providing exceptional support contributes to a positive and conducive learning environment for all.

Collaborative Spirit:

Nathan’s collaborative nature shines through in his interactions with colleagues across the organisation. He works closely with team members to streamline processes, optimise resources, and enhance overall efficiency. Nathan’s ability to foster teamwork and mutual support underscores his commitment to the success of Professional Training Solutions as a whole.


Colleagues and learners alike commend Nathan for his professionalism, expertise, and unwavering support. His vast knowledge of examination procedures and his proactive approach to problem-solving make him an indispensable asset to the organisation. Nathan’s commitment to excellence and dedication to his role make him a standout member of the support staff team.


Nathan Smith exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding support staff member – dedicated, knowledgeable, and reliable. His contributions to the organisation extend far beyond his job description, making a tangible difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Nathan’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his exceptional support make him a deserving finalist for the Support Staff of the Year award.


We proudly recommend Nathan Smith for the Support Staff of the Year award, recognising his exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to supporting learners and colleagues alike. Nathan’s expertise, professionalism, and collaborative spirit embody the values of Professional Training Solutions, making him an invaluable member of the team.