Discover Why Our Learners Are Thrilled with Professional Training Solutions!

When you’re embarking on a learning journey, it’s reassuring to know you’re in good hands. At Professional Training Solutions (PTS), our mission is to make your educational adventure as awesome as possible. Don’t just take our word for it; let’s hear what our fellow learners have to say:

Michelle, Your Supportive Ally

“I’m almost through my NVQ Level 3, and I’ve got to say, Michelle is incredible! She’s not just an assessor; she’s your mentor and cheerleader. Even when I was under the weather, she went the extra mile to help me out. The lessons were not only informative but also enjoyable. Thanks, Michelle!”

Michelle isn’t just your assessor; she’s your biggest champion, and her dedication shines through.

PTS – The Family You’ve Been Searching For

“PTS is not just a place for learning; it’s a family. I’ve struggled in other courses, but this time, I’ve found my dream team. Jay, my assessor, takes care of all my needs. It’s like having a personal coach on your journey.”

PTS isn’t just a school; it’s a tight-knit family of learners and educators.

Extra Help When You Need It

“The best thing about PTS? If a lesson gets tough, they offer extra revisions until you’re 100% confident. The tutors are friendly and approachable, making learning a breeze. I couldn’t have made it without their incredible support.”

At PTS, we don’t leave you hanging when things get tricky; we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Michelle’s Magical Touch

“My apprenticeship experience took a complete 180 thanks to Michelle. She provides constructive feedback, reassurance, and positivity. She’s always there when you need her, making sure you never doubt your progress. I can’t thank her enough for boosting my confidence throughout my apprenticeship. If you’re considering an apprenticeship, go with PTS!”

Michelle isn’t just a mentor; she’s a confidence booster, helping you shine in your apprenticeship.

Find your Team

‘Very professional and great place to obtain your further education and training. I have failed so many times in doing different classes and trainings, but this time around I have found my team. My assessor Jay is looking after all my possible needs.’

Failure is winning – here we encourage your mistakes because its a clear sign you are learning and we can work together to progress.

Elevate Your Career with PTS

“Michelle was the perfect tutor for me. She’s not just a tutor; she’s a career catalyst. With her support, I’ve taken my career to new heights.”

At PTS, we’re not just about learning; we’re about propelling your career forward.

PTS – Where Dreams Become Reality

“Dreams can come true! With PTS, I successfully completed my NVQ Level 5. The mentors are not just teachers; they’re friends. They’re approachable, open, and professional. I highly recommend Professional Training Solutions. Thanks to them, I achieved my goal and gained invaluable knowledge, skills, and experience as a Deputy Manager. All the best to you!”

PTS isn’t just a training provider; it’s a place where dreams become a reality.

These are real stories from our learners, and we’re incredibly proud to be a part of their journeys. If you’re thinking about furthering your education, upskilling, or charting a new career path, these reviews are the best recommendation we can offer. PTS is not just a place to learn; it’s where you’ll find unwavering support, expert mentors, and a friendly, positive atmosphere that will make your learning journey truly unforgettable. Come join us on the path to success!