Considering an apprenticeship?

The benefits of earning and learning!

The phrase ‘earn while you learn’ is a great, simple definition of apprenticeships or similar training programmes. Academic qualifications and knowledge is necessary but experience and application of that of that knowledge gives you the competitive edge of others that don’t have it. It is one of the many paths we can choose when starting out in the working world or if you decide to retrain and change career direction further down the line.

Why should you consider an apprenticeship?

You’re different.   You are a breath of fresh air, learning something new adding a new dimension to your workplace. With your ideas and fresh perspective colleagues will be inclined to listen.

Get networking and make connections early.   LinkedIn can be an easy excuse to add colleagues at you can easily expand your network even further with new client connections and company social events.

1-1 personalised support and focus from a mentor.   You are never left stranded as you have the time to talk and have help if needed likewise your progress will be recognised and commended in these reviews. Receiving weekly 1-1 sessions with your mentor and workplace boss is arguably one of the best things about apprenticeships.

Become super-efficient.   There is not much downtime as you are working a real job and apprenticeships are made to minimise disruption and maximise impact.

Student discount.  You get student discount as you are still technically a student studying so you can budget for things that you might not have been able to afford before .

All these as well as the; pay, experience, qualification and the opportunity to go on to brighter things!

What’s not to love about apprenticeships.

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