Do you want to work with children? Have you always had a passion for child care? There are plenty of reasons why individuals love to work in this sector to teach, spend time with and care for children in the UK. At Professional Training Solutions we’ve got a range of working with children courses that will give you the chance to get a professional qualification to show off.

Not only transforming your CV, our working with children courses will offer you everything you need depending on your current level of training. We have courses spanning from Level 1 all the way through to Level 3 diplomas that will set you well on the path to a career working around children.

Here are three reasons to use our service at Professional Training Solutions:

  • Level 3 development: If you’re looking to make a career of teaching or caring for children, you’re in the perfect place. Our Level 3 qualifications will place you at the required level to apply for a university or foundation degree course.
  • Professionally accredited: To ensure that our working with children courses are trusted by individuals across the UK, we constantly vet our tutors and the quality of our courses.
  • Actively seek employment: While you may have a part-time job currently, our website allows you to find the latest openings in your chosen sector.

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