If you want to do your part to help society and are seeking a health and social care apprenticeship, take a look through our website at Professional Training Solutions.

Our site is dedicated to helping students learn the latest skills regarding their industry. Whether you’re already part of the sector or wish to get your foot into the industry with necessary skills, we can help.

Levels of apprenticeships can vary. Depending on your skillset you may need to work your way through the levels to gain the techniques you need to work in your chosen sector. This, however, can be a great way to improve upon existing skills and perhaps learn new things you may not have been aware of in your initial training.

Our health and social care apprenticeships prioritise adult care. This means that each can teach you specific skills needed to help adults in need live as independently as possible. This can include checking blood pressure, measuring their weight or anything else required for maintaining their comfortable living style and wellbeing.

Following on from study, you will be presented with assessments to ensure you are familiar with the techniques and can memorise them effectively. Once completed and you have successfully passed, you can then move forward onto your path to become a dedicated member of the industry.

You can view and apply for courses through our website or give us a call to discuss our services further on 01252 712945.