Here at Professional Training Solutions, the needs of our learners and employers are at the heart of everything we do.  We are an experienced training provider that delivers apprenticeships, courses and training programs in London.

An apprenticeship is highly respected by employers because it provides real-life experience coupled with learning and qualifications. Our apprenticeships enable students to learn, grow and develop into highly skilled professionals for the workplace. Learners will be working alongside experienced assessors that will help support them as they go.

An apprenticeship is an excellent way to start work in life and gain industry recognised qualifications. As well as acquiring the skills and credentials you will also become more confident, network and earn a salary whilst learning. Take the first steps on the road to success with Professional Training Solutions by reaching out to our friendly teams.


Apprenticeship Opportunities in London

Apprenticeships are offered across London by many companies and at Professional Training Solutions we can help pair you with the perfect employer for your new career. You can begin your new journey in London across a range of industry sectors from business administration to education and more. By starting an apprenticeship in London you will be learning from experienced professionals, earn a salary and acquire industry recognised qualifications.

How Does an Apprenticeship in London Work?

Our apprenticeships in London are designed to develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours in the chosen job role. A significant part of the learning experience comes from the day-to-day working duties and we work with both the learner and the employer to improve this experience in the best way possible.


Our apprenticeships include  1-2-1 developmental sessions with assessors and study time for professional qualifications.  By studying and working our apprentices gain experience working in London and also acquire crucial knowledge that gives them the confidence to work in their chosen sector.

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