Alfred Oki – Level 4 Children, Young People and Families Practitioner

Meet Alfred Oki, a dedicated apprentice at Professional Training Solutions, currently completing his Level 4 Children, Young People, and Families Practitioner Apprenticeship. Starting his course in February 2022, Alfred has demonstrated exceptional commitment, set to complete his qualification in March 2024. He works at a children’s home, caring for children with complex, life-limiting, and life-threatening disabilities.


Alfred works in a sector that traditionally sees fewer men, yet he stands out as an exemplary figure, proving that anyone can thrive in this field. He serves as a positive role model for the children in his care and his colleagues. His presence contributes to a balanced workforce, showcasing the importance of gender diversity in care roles.

Key Contributions:

One of Alfred’s significant achievements has been his involvement in the development and implementation of the Picture Exchange Communication (PEC) System. This system helps children with little or no verbal communication abilities to express their needs and understand their rights through pictures. Alfred’s initiative ensures that these young individuals can communicate effectively, thereby enhancing their engagement and participation in their care.

Commitment to Excellence:

Alfred’s journey through his apprenticeship has been marked by his proactive approach to learning and applying new knowledge. He is on track to complete his qualification ahead of schedule, driven by his desire to enhance the care provided to the young people. Alfred has consistently demonstrated the ability to incorporate feedback and improve his practices, earning high praise from his assessors.

Impact on Young People:

Understanding the importance of educating children with complex disabilities about their rights, Alfred has been instrumental in implementing programs using social stories, videos, and pictorial aids. This approach ensures that the children can comprehend their rights and express their emotions and concerns effectively. Alfred’s work has helped these children articulate their needs and play an active role in their care plans.

Team Player and Leader:

Alfred’s exceptional work ethic and collaborative spirit have not gone unnoticed. His contributions have been highly praised, and his managers have entrusted him with more responsibilities, recognising his potential for future leadership roles.

Future Aspirations:

Alfred is exploring various career pathways, including management roles and becoming a therapeutic practitioner or psychologist. His positive attitude, continuous commitment to personal development, and passion for supporting disabled young people indicate a promising future where he can make a significant impact.


Alfred Oki’s case study exemplifies the transformative power of dedication and innovative thinking in the care sector. His work has not only benefited the children he cares for but also set a high standard for his peers. Alfred’s journey highlights the importance of apprenticeship programs in developing skilled professionals who can make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals. He is now a NCFE Awards Finalist for 2024 in the running for Apprentice of the Year!