Advantages of First Aid training both in and out of the workplace

What is First Aid training and why is it useful?  

First Aid is the first and immediate assistance given to any person suffering from either a minor or serious illness or injury. First Aid is usually given before medical assistance arrives on the scene and plays a crucial part in preserving life and preventing the condition from worsening.  

Most First Aid incidents  are relatively minor, such as cuts, burns and bruises. These types of accidents are very common in workplaces sectors like healthcare, hospitality and education. However, more serious injuries may occur and you need to be prepared to deal with these situations if they arise.  

In this blog, we will explore the importance of thorough  first aid training within the workplace and in other situations. 

First Aid at Work

Do you know it’s a legal requirement for a business to ensure their employees are protected and receive immediate attention when an accident happens? 

First Aid scenarios and accidents can occur at any time. Although workplaces may seem like a safe place, there are many risks you may be unaware of.  By attending a First Aid at Work course, you will be taught valuable techniques, strategies and thought processes to help casualties within the workplace. You’ll be trained how to administer First Aid to people who are choking, in shock, bleeding or unconscious, as well as how to deliver CPR, and how to use first aid equipment properly. You’ll also be given extensive training on how to assess situations and circumstances, and how to act safely and proactively in an emergency. 

At the end of the course, you’ll be rewarded with a recognised First Aid qualification. After that, to ensure your knowledge stays current you can attend First Aid Refresher courses to keep your qualification valid. 

Below are the benefits of getting First Aid trained:  

  •  It saves lives!
    First Aid training is proven to save individuals from dying. Undergoing in-depth training such as learning how to correctly administer CPR will prepare you for a situation where you may need to help save a life.
  •  Reduces the likelihood of repeat accidents
    Undergoing First Aid training teaches you to be more safety-conscious, which can, by extension, help to prevent the same types of accidents from happening
  •  Increases confidence and safety
    Learning  to administer the correct practice of first aid will improve your sense of confidence and awareness of how to manage an emergency effectively.
  •  You will learn how to use first aid equipment correctly
    By enrolling on a First Aid course, you will learn how to use a variety of First Aid equipment and know exactly what should be in the kit. You will learn how to maintain the kit and how to use it proactively.
  • Keeps people safe in and out of the workplace
    First Aid skills can be applied to any situation. You will hold onto those skills for life, especially if you attend the  First Aid at Work refresher course.
  •  First aid training is a great team-building activity:
    Learning a co-operative skill such as First Aid will help employees to look out for each other! 

PTS First Aid Training Courses: 

We hope this blog has given you something to think about! Here at PTS, we offer a variety of  First Aid training courses, which can be tailored to meet your requirements. 

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