A festive thank you to care workers working over Christmas!

On Christmas Day while sat around the fire unwrapping presents after a cool crisp walk or perhaps surrounding the delightful feast prepared by loved ones please take a minute to appreciate those who can’t be there on behalf of the Nation’s health. These people range from nurses to firefighters and police but also thousands of them are care workers.   

The reality is thousands of people still need support and care on 25th December just like any other day.  It might be helping someone get ready to go to a loved ones or spending time with someone so that the day is transformed from a long lonely day into something that is special and shared.  

It could be one of our nurses using all their skills and knowledge to make someone comfortable so that they can enjoy a Christmas lunch, watch the Queen’s Speech or Strictly Come Dancing’s special.  

No matter how or in what way it will be tough for care workers to miss Christmas Day with their own families and friends so from everyone at Professional Training Solutions we want to express our gratitude and show we appreciate your overwhelming sense of commitment, community and love. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.