We all go through school with the express intention of finishing it. No matter the circumstances, we all want to try and get to the end. Some will go through wanting certain grades, some will just want to get home for summer. That means, however, that a lot of people are left behind without achieving their English qualifications.

Fortunately for you, we can help you reach the level that you want by providing you with chance to earn an English qualification which will improve your CV and offer you a range of transferable skills. All our English courses are available to everyone, but some pupils may be able to apply for funding to get their qualification for free through our team at Professional Training Solutions.

Taking control of your education is easier than you think with our services

Our team are chosen to help bring together the best of both worlds. You; developing your career and adding to your CV. Your prospective employer; seeing that you have a purpose and are an independent learner. By choosing Professional Training Solutions you will gain access to a recognised English qualification that will improve your chances of being seen when looking for a job.

An English qualification from Professional Training Solutions that will allow you the freedom of learning without the parameters of school. To find out more about our courses, make sure to get in contact with us.