Why should employers embrace Traineeships?

Why should employers embrace Traineeships?

As part of the government’s commitment to supporting young people into employment, traineeships aim to provide individuals aged 19-24 with the opportunity to gain industry experience, practical skills and knowledge employers are looking for. Traineeships act as a stepping-stone for young people looking to progress into the world of work, whether that be through an apprenticeship, the Kickstart scheme, or a full-time role.

We recognise the importance of tailoring the traineeships to meet the demands of your business. We have a variety of recognised courses on offer to ensure the work placement is adapted to the needs of your business.

Why offer a traineeship work placement?

Traineeships help shape the skills and experience of young people from the local community, helping businesses to develop a loyal and talented workforce, whilst supporting the community.

How do traineeships benefit the employer?

  • Not only are traineeships flexible, but they can be sector-specific.
  • The scheme is government funded, meaning it is free to the employer.
  • Traineeships give you the opportunity to train and mentor your workforce.
  • The programme is designed to meet the needs of your business.
  • Traineeships help to increase capacity and productivity within the workplace.
  • Offering a work placement enables you to help tackle youth unemployment.

As an employer, can you offer:

  • safe, meaningful and high-quality work experience
  • a minimum of 70 hours of work experience
  • sector specialist guidance throughout the work experience
  • a constructive exit interview that could (if available) lead to a Kickstart opportunity, an apprenticeship, or a sustainable job within your business.

As a business, you could receive up to £10,000!

Employers who offer traineeship work placements and complete the feedback at the end of each placement are eligible for a £1,000 incentive payment for up to 10 trainees. You can view more guidance on employer incentive payments and how to claim them.

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