The Benefits of an Apprenticeship

Here at Professional Training Solutions, we want to discuss the benefits of choosing the route of an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships have many benefits that can often be overlooked. Not only are they an exciting opportunity but can be a great way to start in the field you want to work in. Below we have listed the reasons why we feel you should choose the path of an apprenticeship.

Earn while you learn

An apprenticeship can be a great opportunity to earn while you learn, you get the best of both worlds. No student loans, no tuition fees, and, hopefully, no debt. You’ll be paid a salary by your employer.

Gain the qualifications you need

All apprenticeships focus on helping you develop and achieve the skills you need in order to become successful in your chosen industry. Apprenticeships give a structured programme that allows you the chance to work towards a qualification.

Learning key skills

Maths and English qualification are embedded within all apprenticeships, ensuring learners have the skills employers are looking for.

Learn at your own speed, whilst getting the support you need

Another benefit of an apprenticeship is you can take the time to make sure you fully understand something and if you need help you shouldn’t be afraid to ask your colleagues.  You’ll also have a dedicated tutor with relevant industry expertise that you can contact whenever you need support.

Practical experience

Once you’ve successfully completed your training, you’ll not only have a deep understanding of your role and the industry, but you’ll also be qualified to work in your chosen trade.

Transferable skills

At Professional Training Solutions we understand your apprenticeship will be very focussed on your particular profession. However, we believe you’ll learn useful skills, knowledge and behaviours which can be transferred to other careers/industries.

Excellent progression opportunities

By taking on an apprenticeship you are opening yourself to progress further in your chosen career, the opportunities are limitless, and this can be a great way of enhancing your CV.

Become more confident

Apprenticeships allow you to become more independent, confident and self-assured. You just have to believe in yourself!