Team Leader Level 3 Case Study

Our learner

Geraldine decided to undertake the Team Leader Level 3 apprenticeship as part of her personal development plan and goals to improve her management skills within her current role.
She has previously been working in a Digital and ICT team as a Senior Service Desk Analyst, managing staff and mainly doing operational work.   She hopes that she will be able to apply her learning to improve the team’s overall efficiency and further her future career.


The main challenge she has faced along the way is striking a balance with work, training and personal life. The time management and managing-self module has definitely helped her to prioritise her time across work, training and being the parent of a 1 year old!   An important part of an apprenticeship is the off-the-job training and Geraldine ensures she sticks to the agreed OFTJ time to complete assignments and speaks freely with her manager if it gets too much for her.

We spoke with our tutor about Geraldine and here is what she had to say:

“Geraldine is a competent learner as well as employee to her organisation. She demonstrates excellence in several areas, with gained skills and knowledge throughout the course, Geraldine displays great ability to develop herself within her work as well as helping her colleagues and team in their development, such as mastering new technologies and processes at work.

Her commitment and perseverance to her learning and development have led to success in her apprenticeship, she did not give up when she was unsuccessful to complete her functional skills, but with determination, she has achieved her goal”.

Results & impact

Geraldine believes the most interesting aspect of the course so far has been the Operational Management and Self-awareness modules.
These two modules have helped her understand how decisions are made at director level, why they are made and having an appreciation that it isn’t always easy to make these decisions.

The Self-Awareness module has shaped the way she provides feedback to staff and how she responds when she receives feedback. She has learnt to approach giving feedback differently whether positive or constructive, to be aware of how it comes across to others.

Feedback on our tutor
Her favourite overall part of the course is her tutor, Nicola, as she absolutely loves the way she teaches. Every apprentice is always engaged during the workshops and at the end of each one Geraldine feels she fully understands the module and how she can apply it to her professional role.

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