Level 3 Events Apprentice Q&A

We interviewed one of our current apprentices Darcie from Saracens Ltd, who is doing the Level 3 Events Assistant apprenticeship, to find out why she pursued this and how it is going.

Level 3 events apprenticeship

  1. What were you doing before starting your training with Professional Training Solutions?
    Before starting my apprenticeship I was studying Level 3 Events Management and Hospitality at Stansted Airport College and alongside this I worked part time at The Hampton by Hilton Hotel at Stansted airport.
  2. Why did you decide to pursue your apprenticeship?
    I was coming to the end of my time at college and thought that doing an apprenticeship in what I had been studying for the last 2 years was the best pathway for me as I was not keen on going to University but I was more keen to start working full time.
  3. What aspects of the course do you find most interesting and why?
    I find the variety of different events that people hold the most interesting part.
  4. What has been your favourite part about the training you have received?
    I enjoyed the Emergency First Aid training that I took part in as I found this really interesting. I now know that if a situation occurred in which someone needed help that I would be able to use what I had learnt to help.
  5. What impact has the course had on you professionally?
    I think since starting my course I have had increase my confidence in speaking to different people.
  6. How have you been supported through your learning?
    I have been supported through my learning by having monthly calls with my Tutor, weekly catchups with Paul on my apprenticeship and support throughout my weeks from my line manager Jenny with everyday jobs.
  7. Would you recommend the qualification/apprenticeship to anyone?
    Yeah I would recommend this to my college friends.