Learner of the Month!

Congratulations to Jack Bow for being recognised as our Learner of the Month of November! We’ve interviewed Jack’s employer and his tutor, Andrew Hawkins, to understand why he is so deserving of this award. Jack completed a 6-month work placement through the Kickstart scheme at Operatix, and has now be been offered a full-time contract! Congratulations, Jack!


Here’s what manager, Leanne Taylor had to say about Jack’s achievements:


How has the training benefitted Jack within the workplace?

I think it is clear that the training has benefited Jack and we see this through his mindset and motivation at work. He has used the 6 months to really increase his skills and employability.


Has Jack overcome any challenges or difficulties within his time with the organisation?

I think it is difficult to join a large FTSE organisation and have the confidence to deal with a range of different people. Jack worked hard on his confidence and comfort levels early in the placement. This improvement in confidence was evident at his excellent end of placement presentation to a Senior Panel of RI Leaders.


Has Jack demonstrated the ability to take feedback and a willingness to learn from his mistakes?

Jack has been excellent at requesting feedback and how he could improve his skills or behaviour. We have regular coaching sessions and Jack is always engaged and willing to learn.


Has Jack made any significant achievements within the workplace that you feel should be highlighted?

I think the main achievement is securing a permanent role in the business. There was a real determination to keep Jack due to the excellent attitude and skills he demonstrated throughout his 6-month placement. Unfortunately, we had limited opportunities at the end of the scheme but Jack was so proactive in finding himself a role and networking throughout the business.


Do you have an example of when Jack has demonstrated resilience and determination within the workplace?

Jack showed determination and resilience in his search for a permanent job with us. He had one unsuccessful interview but did not let this derail his efforts and continued to be determined to secure a role with us. It was this resilience and determination that impressed everyone.


Has Jack demonstrated a propensity to take action and initiative?

Jack has shown a great deal of initiative and action bias. He regularly volunteers to get involved with things outside his main work. For example, he arranged our end-of-placement celebration for the Kickstarters – including coming to us with a costed proposal and arranging the event. He showed a great deal of initiative in setting up meetings with people in areas of the business he was interested in.


Has Jack demonstrated a willingness to learn during work hours?

Yes. Jack has a real learning mindset and has been willing to do whatever has been asked and reached out for extra support and learning. Jack was a real asset to the Kickstart scheme and we are delighted he has joined our organisation. He is an example of exactly the type of talent we hope to attract at Rentokil – enthusiastic, proactive with a really positive mindset.



Here’s what Tutor Andrew Hawkins had to say:


How has the training benefitted Jack?

The employability training has benefited Jack in 3 main ways;

  1. The first being his confidence from the first workshop to the last with his class contribution, encouraging fellow students to speak up and giving feedback overall improving the lesson flow.
  2. Mindset was also another as he took on a much more positive and self-aware outlook during his kickstart placement which meant he could be proactive and successful.
  3. Lastly, due to this, he proved to be a likable employee and has been offered a full-time job that he’s now thriving in.


Has Jack overcome any challenges/difficulties within his learning?

His initial assessments and diagnostics were all the highest they could be so he didn’t seem to have any barriers to learning. However, the employability training could be seen as a challenge as you must apply yourself to gain back from the course in your workplace.


How has the training impacted Jack within the workplace?

As Jack progressed through the training, he felt more and more comfortable in work meetings, putting his ideas across even if he believed the idea wasn’t the best, he was brave enough to try and it has really paid off.


Has Jack demonstrated an ability to take feedback and a willingness to learn from his mistakes?

All of the feedback for Jack has been brilliant so that’s why I nominated him. He has applied all he’s learned in our training to his workplace and it has truly given back to him as he is no longer afraid of constructive feedback and is truly able to apply himself.