Jean Pascal Learner of the Month

Congratulations to this month’s Learner of the Month is Jean-Pascal Toussaint studying our Level 3 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship at CHD Living Limited in Brownscombe.

Here’s what Tutor, Rachel Cross had to say about Jean’s achievements:  

For me in SEN, he takes everything on board and loves using Cognassist. He even uses a lot of the Cognassist strategies in his workplace with his staff. He’s nearly finished his course and doing well. Never missed a session with me (even when he is poorly). He’s always on time and keen to jump right in. He’s always so polite and hardworking.

-Cognassist has massively helped JP in his personal goals

– He works full time with a family and this can be a challenge for him but he has still managed to stay on track

– He’s progressed to a supervisor now and is doing well.

– Takes feedback well and always wants to improve and do better.


Here’s what Jean himself had to say:

Do you feel that the training has benefited you?

Yes, definitely.  The training has helped me to improve my abilities and knowledge as an individual and also as a healthcare worker.  Even the team of senior management has seen a more mature approach in my leadership and job duties.  I am being pushed and voted by my workplace to be the next Deputy Manager.  I have had a great support from my assessor Julie Dixon and my ALN support Rachel Cross. Julie and Rachel have both been very professional, supportive and patient.  I couldn’t ask for better people to support me in my apprenticeship.  Now I know I can lead and manage my team confidently, work in accordance with the company rules and procedures, and cover the management when absent.  I have gained more knowledge in looking after each clients in a person-centred approach and able to create logs and reports when needed.

Have you had to overcome any difficulties whilst doing your training?

Yes,  at the start I had a lot going on, looking after my family, my wife who just lost her job due to redundancy, the economic crisis, other  projects which needed to be completed and I was involved in a car accident with my car being written off.  I had two jobs and little time to rest.  At a stage I got burnt out and got into depression as well.  My ALN support, Rachel helped me out a lot since the beginning.  Julie took over from another assessor and supported me as well. When I was down, both ladies were there for motivating me to keep going.  They both know that I am good in my research and writing but needed a lot of energy and encouragement. Since then, I was nominated for Team Leader of the Year 2023 with CHD Living and then in January 2024 Learner of the Month with Professional Training Solutions.

Are there any skills that you have developed during your training that you believe will help you career-wise in the long term?

My communication skills have improved a lot, whether for team leading or with clients (with or without mental capacity).  I have discovered and accepted that I need extra time myself to process information.  My leadership skill has had the most improvement.  I am more confident and mature and deals with a lot more external professionals like doctors, police force, ambulance crew, hospital staff