Helena Bouldwin – Learner of the Month

Here’s what Tutor, Preeti Singla had to say about Helena Bouldwin achievements:  


How has the training benefited the learner?  

The training has provided the learners with the skills and knowledge that was needed to pass Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications in English and Maths and this will help her to do further trainings to be able to progress in her career. 


Have they overcome a challenge/difficulty within their learning? 

She found English a bit challenging in the beginning, but her resilience and hard work made it possible to achieve the qualification on time. 


How has the training impacted them within the workplace?  

She feels more confident. 


Have they demonstrated an ability to take feedback and willingness to learn from their mistakes?  

Helena was always open to the feedback and followed my suggestions and asked questions whenever she wasn’t sure. She never gave up until she understood the topics. 


Here’s what Helena herself has to say: 

Do you feel that the training has benefited you?   

Yes, the training has benefited me so much, as an assistant Theatre Practitioner calculations and writing notes/ report is very necessary. So both English and Mathematics training have benefited me.

Have you had to overcome any difficulties whilst doing your training?   

No, I didn’t encounter any difficulties, everything went smoothly.


Are there any skills that you have developed during your training that you believe will help you career-wise in the long term?   

Yes, a lot especially converting units, writing a report and communicating effectively. Thank you the entire team of Professional Training Solutions.