Did you know? The different levels of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to help develop your new and existing workforce. They are available in different levels depending on the qualification and individual – for example somebody just starting work or retraining may need to do a Level 2 or 3 whereas somebody already experienced and/or with other qualifications could do a higher level.

This blog clearly explains the overview of the different levels available but the main factor with apprenticeships is that they are for individuals so some tailoring may be needed, as an independent training provider we can help to advise on the best strategy for you and your business.

Level 2 equivalent to GCSE
Training Providers Advice: An intermediate apprenticeship is an entry level role if you haven’t had any previous education on the sector officially.   Employers – this is beneficial if you are looking to skill up and expand your workforce long term.

Level 3 equivalent to 2 A-Levels
Training Providers Advice: An advanced apprenticeship is equivalent of 2 A levels meaning that often sixth form college leavers begin at this level. If you have a basic foundation knowledge of the industry you may choose this over a Level 2 qualification also.
Employers – this is a good option for existing junior staff who you want to progress further.

Level 4 equivalent to a Foundation Degree
Training Providers Advice: Similarly to the Level 3 apprenticeships this Level is a great starting point for anyone who hasn’t done an apprenticeship before but only if you have some work experience in the sector. If not you would want to complete a Level 3 apprenticeship in this industry before moving on to a Level 4 or 5.

Level 5-6 equivalent to a Bachelor’s Degree
Training Providers Advice: These apprenticeships would be suitable for those looking to progress from a level 3/4 apprenticeship.
Employers – This is an option for more experienced team members with good industry knowledge and who perhaps is looking for promotion within the business.

Level 7 equivalent to a  Master’s Degree
If you have a degree or your level 5/6 apprenticeship you would choose this level.   Sometimes the Level 7 comes alongside the 5&6 as a package learning qualification so you receive all three over the placement.

We facilitate apprenticeships for Education and Childcare, Health and Social Care as well as business focused programmes around events, finance, business admin and management. Our experts can help to discover your needs and advise on the best way forward. Contact us