As football fever sweeps across the nation (finally) and those old enough reminisce the Euro 96 campaign – highlights of Gazza, England reaching the semi-final, Footballs coming home chanting on the terraces followed by that unforgettable penalty shootout.    The England team manager has used his experiences as a player to mentor and develop his young team today that now have the hopes of the nation on their shoulders to be in that final at Wembley and be crowned champions…..

Following the Denmark v Finland game it is inspiring to see the caring nature of a team and how looking after each other is as important as success.

It takes a team, a squad, back staff, leaders to have a successful, resilient team delivering quality and here at PTS it is the same ethos.  Delivering quality across the business is at the heart of all we do, we work hard, we are agile and we are ethical.  Our experience helps us to mentor and train the young workforce of today, help businesses benefit and develop young talent for their future.

The PTS team set up a sweepstake to raise money for a local charity, Woodlarks Camping.

Woodlarks provide accessible camping for people with all kind of disabilities. Children and adults have the opportunity to discover unknown skills and abilities, have adventures and make new friends in an environment designed to meet their individual needs.

We all have our teams and are tracking the results keep an eye out on social platforms as the tournament unfolds….