Working with food requires making sure you’re aware of safety standards that are required food establishments. Here at Professional Training Solutions you can take a food safety course to help you understand what to do when taking a professional approach to cooking.

Food safety is a big focus of the industry. That is why, when you consider moving into a job that works with food, you will need to know what it takes to keep yourself and the public safe.

Here are some of the following things you can learn on a food safety course:

  • Contamination – Contamination happens for various reasons, though some of the most common include when transferring certain raw foods -with our course you can learn how to handle foods correctly.
  • Cleaning – Without correct cleaning of tools, surfaces or certain food items, this can increase the risk of illness; that is why it is important to understand what you will need to do to make sure surfaces are clean for preparation.
  • Kitchen equipment – When in the kitchen, you will be handling certain items that can cause hard; on the course you can learn ways to reduce risks of injury.

There is much more you can learn. Don’t hesitate to enquire via our website or contact us directly for further information on 01252 712945.