The hospitality business covers a spectrum of outlets that we visit every day and each week. Hotels, B&Bs, restaurants, cafes, pubs, events, football stadiums, concerts, gigs and much more. There is a need for staff to have the expertise to cope with the vast array of demands that can be created in all of these places.

At Professional Training Solutions we can help you get your foot in the door of this rewarding business with our hospitality training. Our evolving selection of courses are waiting for you to discover and enrol on where you will learn about of the most important aspects of this sector: Health and Safety.

Here are three reasons to enrol on our Health and Safety course for Hospitality:

  1. Risk assessments for events: There are plenty of different events that can occur in the hospitality sector and our team at Professional Training Solutions will implement and teach you how to create a watertight assessment for every kind.
  2. Discover legislation surrounding your role: The course is designed to help you get the best out of your role by understanding your responsibilities.
  3. Use of hazardous substances: To make sure that you are adept and understand this important and transferable skill, it is added to our hospitality course.

To discover more about our work at Professional Training Solutions, get in contact with us today.