Apprenticeships – the things you wish they told you in school

Hi I’m Millie the Digital Marketing Executive at PTS – here’s all the things I wish I knew about apprenticeships before I joined here!

Let me talk you through them:


So Number 1 is self explanatory, there is a government website made purely so you can find apprenticeships and legally all apprenticeships in the UK must be listed on there. So if you go on there and search for the industry you are looking for, you can even filter the search to nearby your house and lots will come up – there’s often more than you think, especially in business!


Number 2, you are quite simply getting paid to get a qualification. Let’s say you’ve just left college – you’d be looking at a Level 3-5, the higher the level, the harder they are to find .


Number 3, a Level 3 is the most common. I recommend a Level 3 because you will have 18months work experience in a very professional environment and therefore will most likely be earing more than any uni graduate afterwards!


Number 4 tackles progression paths and how common they are within apprenticeships. Often a company will hire an apprentice with the expectation that they might advance them into a more high-level position once finishing.


Number 5 Our apprenticeship vacancies are also updated weekly on our website and here is the link – Careers | Professional Training Solutions – Apprenticeships (protrain-solutions.co.uk)